A Good Neighbor is a Welcome Blessing – by Cathy Garrett

We are most fortunate to have a beautiful place to live.  The feeling of community in our neighborhood is very strong and we can be proud of our welcoming spirit. Here are a few timely tips for keeping that good neighbor spirit going and making West Highlands a great place to live:
Our garbage/recycling pickup day is Thursday with the exception of weeks containing holidays.  Please remove your garbage and recycling bins from the street on Thursday night or Friday at the latest.  Too many bins are being left curbside.  If this continues to be an issue, the city will collect the bins that are left beyond Friday in agreement with city ordnance.  There is a fee to replace the bins.
Keep your pets on leashes when they are out of your fenced yard.  Always pick up after your pets.  Please be cognizant that animal urine can cause discoloration so best to keep your pets in your own yard to do their business.
Never park in front of a mail box.  That goes for any visitors as well.  The postman will not deliver mail if a mail box is blocked.  Please have your visitors park in front of your house whenever possible, not your neighbors.  Please refer to parking regulations on the West Highlands web site regarding all parking restrictions.
Warm weather brings us outdoors for yard work, grilling and parties.  Because our homes are situated close together, please remember that all kinds of sounds carry, as does smoke from grills.  Be sensitive to these issues.  Also, please consider taking your party indoors after dark. 
It is important to keep our channels of communication open between neighbors.  Understanding each other is the key to cohesive living.