Summer 2014 HOA Newsletter

Community Development Update
West Highlands continues to grow, and we are excited to have welcomed many new residents into our community over the fall and winter of 2013. [ Read More ]

A Good Neighbor is a Welcome Blessing by Cathy Garrett
We are most fortunate to have a beautiful place to live.  The feeling of community in our neighborhood is very strong and we can be proud of our welcoming spirit. Here are a few timely tips for keeping that good neighbor spirit going and making West Highlands a great place to live. [ Read More ]

Safety Measures By Robbie Burr
A neighbor once asked, “When am I ever going to feel safe in the community?” The question still lingers as I ponder for an answer. Living in an urban environment, one comes to expect some level of crime, but to what extent? Will I ever feel 100 % safe? Is a 90% personal safety rating achievable? What percentage is more realistic? [ Read More ]

Springtime Landscaping “To Do’s” by Linda Oldham
Spring time is an excellent opportunity to establish a beautiful landscape around your home. Well groomed yards and gardens have tremendous curb appeal and preserve the value of your home. They also welcome guests and encourage outside activities. [ Read More ]