Pool & Clubhouse

Pool News and Information

(In the future, when the Pool & Clubhouse is built, this page will contain news and information for the Pool & Clubhouse)

The first Pool Committee Meeting is being held on Saturday, January 14th 2017. This will be our kick-off meeting for all pool subcommittees. (Agenda)

Pool & Amenities FAQs

Proposed Design Information

The following documents show conceptual designs created by the architect for the Pool & Clubhouse. The center is designed for construction in two phases to allow for reduced costs upfront and room to grow as the community expands.

The site concept plan shows configuration and scale of the entire amenities site, with Phase 1 clubhouse, pool, and other site features shown in color. Phase 2 areas are blocked out and will match the design aesthetic of the constructed Phase 1 amenities. A floor plan of the Phase 1 clubhouse is also included.

The site rendering shows the proposed concept plan in three dimensions with both phases completed.

Meeting Minutes & Records

Pool Committee

Pool Committee Minutes – 01/14/2017

Budget Sub-committee

Pool Budget Sub-Committee Minutes – 01/19/2017
Pool Budget Sub-Committee Minutes – 05/04/2017

Construction Sub-committee

Pool Construction Sub-Committee Minutes – 01/19/2017

Security & Regulations Sub-committee

Pool Security Sub-Committee Minutes – 01/19/2017
Pool Security Sub-Committee Minutes – 03/23/2017
Pool Security Sub-Committee Minutes – 05/10/2017
Pool Security Sub-Committee Update Flyer – 06/03/17

Pool and Clubhouse Rules & Regulations

Example Pool and Clubhouse Rules & Regulations from Twin Lakes HOA – SAMPLE ONLY
Example Pool and Clubhouse Rules & Regulations from The Grove HOA – SAMPLE ONLY